Contrast Is Key

Contrast is a designer’s secret weapon for adding a huge dose of visual interest to a room while simultaneously pulling it all together in a cohesive and memorable manner.  Contrast gives spaces their impact and many consider it the essential component to any successful interior design.  The key is knowing where and how to use it correctly. It can be color, texture, mixture of materials, and our favorite – SHAPES. Let’s take this room for example.  You’ll notice an interesting mixture of contrast in the form of circles (counter stools, dining chairs, chandelier and pendant lights), rectangles (cabinetry, counter top/island and windows), and triangles (herringbone patterned floors).  Each component is beautiful on its own and when taken in all together, the overall look is cohesive and refreshing to the eye.  What’s different about this design is the mixture of shapes.  So many designs play it safe by the use of squares and rectangles.  When two or more shapes and forms are used it creates balance and distributes attention between items. Here’s another example of a high impact space with a lot of visual interest by use of color, texture, mixture of materials and shapes.  Interior design buffs know how important a room’s first impression can be. There are some spaces that, upon first glance, make your breath catch because its elements are so visually striking, yet still fit together. Other rooms seem to fall flat, almost like something is missing. Be brave!  Try a variety of shapes in your next design.  Understand the importance of contrast, and apply it to your next project. This is the back-to-basics primer you need to take your designs to the next level.