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    To Remodel, or Not To Remodel…

    That is the question every homeowner instantly thinks when they purchase their first fixer upper, or is thinking about increasing the value of their home before putting it on the...

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    The Psychology of Color in Theory

    When someone is looking to lift their spirits, they reach for a bowl of ice cream. Well, at least we do! There’s a better way to improve your or...

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    Growing Pains

    As we kick off another year allow me to briefly recap (in more ways than one) what I have learned over the years. Not only as a designer, not...

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    Contrast Is Key

    Contrast is a designer’s secret weapon for adding a huge dose of visual interest to a room while simultaneously pulling it all together in a cohesive and memorable manner.  Contrast...

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    Mood Boards Matter

    In an age of information overload and options coming at us faster than we know how to process it all, Interior Design can become overwhelming for most people.  One...

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    Let’s be honest!  Art is the focal point for many rooms and often serves as the inspiration for the overall design.  It takes time to find a piece that...

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    Summer Time

    3 Designing Divas would like to encourage you to enjoy the summer! Rather it’s at a barbeque or by the poolside, we all can use some summertime fun in...

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    Customer Service

    5 Reasons Customer Service Is More Important Than Anything Else Working with entrepreneurs has given me opportunities to speak to and lead others who are either trying to start...

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    Open House Weekend Schedule

    The Diva is taking it lightly this weekend. Catch Denise Fernandez this Saturday from 1-4pm at her open house located at 5951 Sunmist Drive in Yorba Linda, CA!!! Stop...

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    At Your Service

    Reupholstering is a great way to revive aging furniture without having to clean it or throw it out. So, you’ve inherited a sofa from Grandma and you want to...

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